July 23, 2008 | Posted in: Blog

Well here it is. My first Blog. I decided to start this blog because I am an aspiring writer (an outgrowth of my belief and advocacy for our Right of Free Speech) and as a place to comment on things I find of interest in the activities of our government and particularly the military, with a focus on the Air Force.

At the outset, I want to say how proud of, and grateful I am to, every soldier, sailor, airman, and marine serving our country at home and abroad. All your fellow citizens are forever in your debt.

I’ll also use this Blog from time to time to talk about the writing process, and the whole adventure of writing, publishing, etc. as I experience it as a fledgling writer of fiction.

To all who wander across this blog – Welcome!

I've served my country for more than 25 years as a member of the United States Air Force, both on active duty and as a civilian. I've spent my entire career as a member of the Air Force’s Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Agency and its predecessor organizations, the Air Intelligence Agency, the Air Force Intelligence Command, and the Electronic Security Command. I've served in various locations throughout the world during my career, including Japan & Saudi Arabia. I am a veteran of the 1991 Persian Gulf War. I also earned professional certifications from the National Security Agency as an Intelligence Analyst, and the Director of National Intelligence as an Intelligence Community Officer during my career. I have an M.S. in Computer Systems from the University of Maryland Graduate School of Management and Technology, and am a Certified Information Systems Security Professional.