Winter 2015 News

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Hello Everyone,

I hope you’ve had a great summer and fall, and are enjoying the holiday season. I’d like to extend my thanks for being fans of my work, and wish you happy holidays and a bright new year.

I’ve been busy crafting my next novel, a project I’ve named ROGUE SENTINEL, and I will finish the manuscript shortly after the New Year. ROGUE SENTINEL will see Shane Mathews take on a solo mission to Jordan to find and capture an Islamic State mission planner known only as ‘Al-Amriki’ – The American.
Up next, I’ll be resuming work on SWIFT JUSTICE, the third and concluding novel of the ‘Aziz Trilogy’ that started with THE INHERITOR and AUTUMN FIRE, with main characters Shane Mathews and Emily Thompson.

During the year I’ve written a few Op-Eds on current issues that have been published in the Baltimore Sun and in The Hill’s Congress Blog. Here’s a list so you can look at them if you’re interested.

‘The NSA data collection program isn’t criminal; ending it is’ –

‘Open Letter from a cyber terrorist’ –

‘Stand with our watchers’ –

‘Access to encrypted communication, a balancing act’ –

‘Clinton E-mails: Who else was involved?’ –

‘The country is vulnerable without CISPA’ –

Thanks again for being fans of my stories, and feel free make them presents for the fiction reader on your holiday list – they can be purchased from Amazon or Barnes & Nobel as e-books or hardcopies in trade paperback. You can even contact me via for a signed copy if you like.
Take care and Happy Holidays!

Tom Wither

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Spring 2015 News

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Autumn Fire

Spring 2015 News

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone is enjoying Spring. It’s been off to a cool start here in Maryland, but it’s nice to see everything beginning to bloom again.

Radio Appearance:

I’d like to thank Dan Rodricks and Nikki Gamer for having me on Dan’s WYPR Radio ‘Midday’ show last January to discuss Cyber threats. I hope you will take some time to listen to it.

Signed Book Giveaway on Goodreads:

I’ll be running a signed book giveaway on Goodreads from 1 May – 31 May. Five lucky winners will receive signed copies of THE INHERITOR and AUTUMN FIRE, along with special gift. To enter, go to and search for my name. Click on the ‘Enter to Win’ button for the give away(s) of your choice and good luck!

Next Novel Update:

I’m currently working on the manuscript for the third novel in the ‘Aziz’ series that began with THE INHERITOR, followed by AUTUMN FIRE. SWIFT JUSTICE will round out the intended trilogy and bring what I hope will be an exciting conclusion to the series. No release date is set yet for SWIFT JUSTICE, but I’ll be sure to post it on my Facebook page (Tom Wither – Writer), and Twitter once I it has been established.

Thanks again for subscribing to my e-mail list and I hope you will encourage your friends who enjoy military/espionage thrillers to sign up as well. You will not receive any spam, nor do I share my e-mail list with any other organizations or advertisers.

Enjoy the warmer weather!


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