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“Wither’s debut novel and first in a series creates a chilling world in which mass-scale terrorism and dangerous military operations are the norm. The action takes the reader from top-secret government offices in Washington, D.C., to the modern-day battlefields of the Middle East, with stops along the way in Chicago, Guantanamo Bay, and elsewhere…the narrative provides plenty of mind numbing twists and turns along the way. Military buffs and fans of high-stakes action thrillers will find a lot to like.” – Publisher’s Weekly

America’s Most Deadly Enemy is still loose . . . and he’s ready to move.

On the eve of the takedown of the world’s leading terrorist, his protégé eluded U.S. forces . . . and now he’s racing across four countries in a scenario that could happen tomorrow.  Following his dead mentor’s desire to reestablish the Islamic Caliphate, Aziz Abdul Muhammad, hand-picked by bin Laden himself, masterminds a series of attacks on the U.S. energy infrastructure that will reignite the war against the West. As his initial series of attacks creates mass panic, leaving the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states in terrified darkness, the manhunt is on.  In a unique special operations force, veteran intelligence officer David Cain, along with Air Force Sergeant Emily Thompson and rookie FBI Agent Dave Johnson, leads the U.S. effort to find Aziz and his operations expert. From Camp Delta in Guantanamo Bay to Chicago and the outskirts of Tehran, the force must halt Al Qaeda’s attempt to rise from the ashes of its former self—and stop the Inheritor before the rest of his terrifying plan unfolds.

Meet the cast of characters for THE INHERITOR & AUTUMN FIRE.  Men and women working to find, fix, and capture or kill the ruthless terrorist Aziz, and stop his plans from unfolding.  Can they catch him before it’s too late?


The Counterterrorism Shop (CTS)

David Cain

The Chief of the CTS, leader of its ALPHA Shift, and a twenty-year veteran of the intelligence community.  Cain joined the intelligence community straight out of high school as an intern at the Defense Intelligence Agency.  While working as an office assistant, he earned his undergraduate degree in Intelligence Production from the Joint Military Intelligence college, and embarked on a series of assignments at CIA, DIA, and the NGA before being selected to run the J2 (Intelligence) division for U.S. Central Command.  Recruited into the special operations community, he took over as the J2 for SOCOM, where he was recruited by Generals Holland and Crane to run the CTS at NSA providing support to 162nd JSMU operations.

Technical Sergeant Emily Thompson

An Air Force intelligence professional recently assigned to the CTS.  A nine year veteran of the Air Force, Emily has recently been assigned to the CTS, entering the world of counter terrorism operations for the first time after serving in the A2 (Intelligence) Division at an F-35 Wing in Nevada, and two F-22 Wings; one in Virginia and one in Florida.  She holds a two year degree in Intelligence Analysis from the Air Force and looks forward to pursuing her Bachelors degree with the University of Maryland, just as soon as she decides which major she likes.  She lives with her devoted and supporting husband Mike and her infant son.

Special Agent Fred Simpson

Twelve year FBI veteran Special Agent assigned to CTS as their FBI liaison.  Fred has spent most of his time with the FBI serving in the Field Intelligence Cells.  He spent three years at the FBI office in Hartford, Connecticut, then four more in the FBI office in New York City before taking a four year tour in the FBI Liaison Office in the Department of Homeland Security.  He became enamored with the professionalism and close knit coordination between the intelligence community and the DHS, and eagerly volunteered for duty with CTS when an opening became available.

Lieutenant Osborn

Osborn is a five year Navy veteran on his first tour with CTS, filling an intelligence billet as the NSA Liaison before he heads back to the Fleet to continue working toward earning his own surface command one day.



Air Force General Terry Holland

An Air Force Academy graduate who, unlike most general officers in the Air Force, never flew a plane in his life. As a career intelligence officer, he’d started out in Europe as a liaison with the Italian government, and then moved on to command various intelligence units. His last posting was as the Chief of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, before being recommended for his fourth star and appointment to the position of Director of the National Security Agency.


The Federal Bureau of Investigation

Dave Johnson

A baby agent, only out of the academy in Quantico for two years, with eagerness in his brown eyes and the easy confidence that comes with being a member of one of the world’s premier law enforcement agencies.  He is about to start his first assignment in the Counterterrorism Division of the FBI under Steven French.

Eric Pittman

Eric Pittman is the FBI Liaison to Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  An eight year veteran of the FBI and a pragmatist, he understands the realities of law enforcement in a world where terrorism is prevalent.

Steven French

A thirty-four year veteran of the FBI, now Special Agent In Charge of the Counterterrorism Division. He had started out in the bureau investigating crimes in the Detroit field division that warranted the federal government’s interest. He had handled cases from bank hold-ups to kidnappings, with a little organized crime thrown in for good measure. After twelve years in various field offices, he took over the San Francisco Office as Deputy-SAIC. Soon after he had started, he successfully closed a case of industrial espionage against three of Silicon Valley’s largest computer-component makers, resulting in the prosecution of the company’s senior executives—and bringing him to the attention of the FBI leadership. Shortly thereafter, he transferred to his own field division as SAIC San Antonio. Re-assigned to the D.C. headquarters of the FBI a few years after September 11, 2001, he became the head of the Counterterrorism division of the FBI nine years later.  French has a special assignment for his newest agent, Dave Johnson.


The 162nd Joint Special Missions Unit (“The Wraiths”)

Lieutenant Shane Mathews

A Navy SEAL, assigned to Naval Special Warfare Group One’s Team 3.  Shane joined the Navy right out of college, volunteering for duty with the SEALs.  After graduating from BUD/S and attaining his basic qualifications with the teams, he was moved rapidly up the chain to command one of Team 3’s platoons.   His reputation within the Team as a capable operator growing, reflected by his recent assignment to manage the training platoon, and how often the mid-level NCOs seek him out for advice.  He’s been ordered into Syria to join up with a team already in the field to monitor a suspected Syrian chemical weapons storage facility.

Colonel Aaron Simon

Aaron Simon is the Director of Operations for the 162nd Joint Special Missions Unit.  A qualified Tier 1 operator, and the joint operations planner for the assault on Bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, he backed up his confidence in the plan he put together by accompanying the SEAL assault team into Pakistan.   After being promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, he provided the initial plan for the formation of the permanent joint unit that became the 162nd JSMU.

Master Sergeant Zeus

Colonel Simon’s four year old German Shepherd.  A fully trained military working dog, and his master’s constant companion.

General Crane

The commanding officer of the 162nd Joint Special Missions Unit, and one of the first senior officers to advocate for Colonel Simon’s plan to form the 162nd JSMU.  Crane is a serious and nonsense officer who enjoys recruiting the best Tier 1 operators, pilots, maintainers, and support personnel to join the Wraiths.

– THE INHERITOR blends an intelligence community professional’s more than two decades worth of experience with fast-paced storytelling to create a gripping thriller that spans six weeks and four countries.  Seeking to fulfill his dead mentor’s desire to re-establish the Islamic Caliphate, the merciless man known only as ‘Aziz’  masterminds a series of attacks on the U.S. energy infrastructure in a renewed war against the west.  Can THE INHERITOR be stopped?

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